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Three keys to Public Speaking

There is more than standing in front of people and follow a script in Public Speaking. Let's discover three keys to succeeding in Public Speaking.

Public Speaking is more than just standing in front of people in a crowded room and talking on a podium. It includes interviews, auditions, training sessions, workshops, formal and informal presentations so on so forth…

Public Speaking is more than memorising or reading a script. Let’s test it out; open your TV go to several news channels and watch the TV presenters while your TV is on mute. Did you see the difference? There will be some presenters that will grab your attention more than others, and this separate reading a script and providing information with a personality.

If you want to succeed in any of the public speaking situations mentioned above, you need more than a well-written script. There are three key areas you need to understand and focus on for any public speaking situation. Preparing your speech with a clear intention to help your audience, equipping yourself with the right mindset and delivering your speech with passion and enthusiasm. Let's look at it in details;

1 . Intention

Your purpose should always be creating value for your audience by helping them to make informed decisions. Therefore, your mission is helping your audience reach their goals instead of selling your idea or product.

  • Have empathy

  • Build confidence

  • Look to inspire

  • Show how much you care rather than how much you know

  • Focus on benefits and solutions

  • Empower them

  • Remember, we all make decisions with our emotions and then justify our decisions with logic

  • The action your audience takes is your reward for what you have given them

2 . Mindset

Before you convince anybody else to believe in you and your message, you need to convince yourself about the subject. Your credibility comes from your own belief and your genuine interest in the matter.

  • Always keep a positive mindset

  • Clear your mind from any negative thoughts or fear of failure

  • Only focus on strengths

  • Visualise how you get on the stage, deliver an outstanding speech and positive responses you will receive from your audience; visualise it, see it, and believe it.

  • If you do the above basic visualisation technique, it will take away pressure, stress and worry. You will be calm, energised, happy, connected, ready to help.

3 . Passion

If your audience can’t see, hear, and feel your passion, you will never influence them. You have to appeal to their feelings, inspire them with your enthusiasm and win their hearts with your charm.

  • Presentation is all about a delicate balance between fire, passion, emotion, logic, and supporting facts.

  • Whatever your script contents if you cannot show energy, you will get no results.

  • Motivational speeches are made people feel good for a while, but an inspirational speech goes a long way.

  • According to studies, the average adult attention span is between 15 to 30 seconds; then they lose attention. Four keys to keep people interested in your speech; your level of passion, bringing facts with enthusiasm, emotional connection with your stories and using an appropriate dosage of humour to your presentations.

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