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What makes a person stand out?

Is it their oratory skills, their personalities or their humour?

The secret to becoming a successful communicator and speaker is personal stories, and that's because speaking is less about teaching or telling and more about connecting and influencing.

Here is the good news! These are communication skills, and like any skill, you can all learn, develop, hone and perfect them.

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Our Purpose

Speak2Impress is a company devoted to developing human potential. At the heart of our service is a simple idea; "Know your worth and don’t settle for anything less!"

To achieve this,

- We are helping business professionals to explore and develop their hidden potential;

- Oozing their confidence by providing necessary tools and techniques;

- Inciting to deliver impactful speeches anytime, in front of any audience and any settings.

When we go to a school or university, we learn technical skills but not the public speaking skills. We all then coming out into the workforce and missing one of the most valuable skills on earth; expressing ourselves and ideas confidently.

We believe that storytelling is the best way to express ourselves. 

Becoming a powerful speaker starts with learning how to become a compelling storyteller.

At Speak2Impress, we help people finding their narrative voice that has the power to carry their stories.


Do not assume that people know you already; believe me, they don't!


If you manage to show your listeners another dimension of your personality, it will feed their curiosity, and they will listen more closely to what you have to say.


The basic foundation for any successful speaker is that he or she has a story to tell. A personal story is perhaps the most significant competitive advantage you have over other people because nobody could copy them; it is yours!


Contact us and we will help you to find your voice.

The Journey Towards Confident Speaking Begins on the Path of Awareness.

Begin Your Journey Today.

Stories Matters

Our survival depends on our brains' ability to keep track of particular associations that might prove valuable in the future by linking them to triggers we call emotion.


A good story etches a pattern into your audiences' mind by linking emotions and images into a meaningful sequence that can be retrieved when needed.

Stories Matters

If you believe that the people you want to influence would say "yes" if they could just see what you have seen, use a story to open their eyes.


Make your fact come to life with a story; a boring table of statistics will come to life if you give each market segment a face, a name and a story.

Stories Matters

A good story is wrapped in context and delivered with emotion to inspire action.


A story describes what happened;

A good story helps you see what happened;

A great story helps you feel what happened.

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