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Management Development Programme


Our Management Development Programme is designed to help organisations and their talented assets to reach their public speaking and leadership potential.

Corporate companies either do not have a development programme, or it is more focuses on developing individuals on industry-specific skills. Therefore, there is no specific training for developing Public Speaking, Storytelling and purposeful presentation skills.


Let’s face it; due to lack of a decent development programme on public speaking skills, we learn industry-specific knowledge, but we struggle to express ourselves freely, influence others, appropriately present and sell our ideas effectively. Therefore, most of us need to go through a rough journey to find our ways blindfolded.


When I realised this and started to invest in my communication skills, I have noticed that I was an average speaker with much confusing PowerPoint slides and notes. I did not know how to read the audience, emotionally connect with them, the importance of storytelling, influence power of rhetoric, body language, purposeful usage of stage and voice effectively, and even the effect of pause.


So, I have adopted this development programme from different education systems and methods that I have enjoyed participating and find it useful. I believe it all started with understanding the fundamentals and levers of public speaking and presentation skills. It takes courage to volunteer, putting your hand up and have the skills to take life’s opportunities, the whole game changes in your favour. By the end of this programme, attendees will be able to transform the way they communicate forever, commanding greater professional influence and become more effective leaders throughout their careers.

The workshop series will start with the DISC Personality Test and Profile Assessment activity to understand each person better as well as identify team strengths and talent potential. Then I will explain the main three paths in details. At that point, we could either allow people to choose their preferred learning paths and with the collaboration of the executive team, we can guide them with more suitable options.

There are three routes to develop participants in their chosen areas. These are;

1- Competent Leadership Route:


This path helps you build your skills as a strategic communicator and leader. The projects on this path focus on;

  • Understanding leadership and communication styles,

  • The effect of conflict on a group and the skills needed to defuse and direct conflict

  • The development of strategies to facilitate change in an organisation

  • How to manage time, as well as how to develop and implement a plan

  • Understanding diversity, building personal and professional connections with a variety of people and developing a public relations strategy

  • Developing your skills for sharing information with a group, planning communications and creating innovative solutions

2- Motivational Leadership Route:


This path helps you build your skills as a confident communicator and leader. The projects on this path focus on;

  • Understanding and building consensus, contributing to the development of others by coaching and establishing strong public speaking skills

  • How to negotiate a positive outcome together with building strong interpersonal communication and public speaking skills

  • Learning strategies for developing connections with the people around you, understanding motivation and successfully leading small groups to accomplish tasks

  • Active listening, motivating others and collaborating with a team

3- Engaging Public Speaker Route:


This path is designed to help you build your skills as a humorous and engaging public speaker and master of presentations. The projects on this path focus on;

  • Understanding your sense of humour and how that sense of humour translates to engaging audience members

  • How to effectively use humour in a speech, including challenging situations and impromptu speeches

  • Developing a strong connection with audience members when you present, speech writing and speech delivery

All three routes consist of five stages;

  1. Mastering Fundamentals

  2. Learning Your Style

  3. Developing Knowledge

  4. Building Skills

  5. Demonstrating Expertise

The candidates required at least 10 prepared speeches to reach required expertise level as well as taking roles during the meetings to build confidence and make them better impromptu speakers.

There are also workshops in between the session to provide valuable information and guidance to attendees. These are;

  • Exceptional Evaluations Workshop – How to listen, structure and provide constructive feedback

  • The Six Speech Structure – For everyday business presentations

  • Impromptu Speech Techniques – Speaking off the cuff with having unprepared speeches or answering unexpected questions.

  • The Storytelling Structure – The hidden framework that hangs your story together

  • Modes of Persuasion and use of Rhetoric Devices on Speechwriting 

I have developed a Management Development Programme with my over 35 years of Hospitality Management and Talent Development experience. If you interested in getting detailed information on the programme, please contact me either on or WhatsApp +447398217281.

I would be delighted to personally attend either a video conference or your executive meetings to present our programme in detail and reply to any questions you might have to adapt this programme your specific needs suitable to your company.



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