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What We Do?

How We Can Add Value To You and Your Organisation

Training Solutions


From generic training modules to essential workshops and advanced boot camp sessions; our training solutions tailored around your exact needs.


Standard Training Courses and Workshops


We have prepared highly interactive and engaging training programmes; you can pick the ones that meet your expectations and our experts we deliver them accordingly.


Bite-Size Workshops


When time and budgets are tight, our tailored and highly practical bite-sized workshops deliver high impact and business-focused learning for your teams. These fast-paced and dynamic workshops leave delegates with workplace-ready solutions to everyday challenges.


Bespoke Workshops  


Let us know what your challenges are, and we will create a tailored programme that addresses your requirements, using real-life business issues and challenges. We can even work together with your current ongoing training activities as a
complimentative value-added part of another course.


Practical, motivational, focus on your needs, raise overall team performance and relevant to your organisation.

Team Building Activities


It's obvious a team working together as one unit will achieve far more than one that's misfiring, but how can you be sure if everything's as it should be? Invest in the most valuable asset you have, and you will be helping to steer your whole organisation in the right direction. Discover how to channel people's strengths, pre-empt challenges and drive organisational success.


Our activities encourage effective teamwork, uncover hidden problems, strengthen your team while improving morale and motivation.


Facilitation for Strategy Meetings and Away Days 


Whether you are facing challenging times ahead, wanting to drive innovation or to celebrate and build on success, we can add an extra dimension to your event. Company leadership puts a lot of effort and resources to plan strategy meetings and away days, and it generally does not end as expected.


Using an external and impartial facilitator has been proven to give corporate events unique energy, drive and results-orientated outcome. If you want to make company meetings, events and away days as effective and impactful as possible; Hospitality Code experts at hand to deliver this challenging task and you can be sure your next event is memorable – for all the right reasons.

Speak2Impress Training Solutions

  1. Market Share Analysis Workshop

  2. Revenue Management Training

  3. Yield Management Principles Training

  4. Managing Figures P&L Workshop

  5. Deep Dive Hotel Efficiency Review Workshop

  6. Food and Beverage Productivity Workshops ((F&B Menu Engineering & Menu Development, Food Costs, Beverage Cost, Inventory Management, Payroll and Productivity)

  7. Basic Food Hygiene Training

  8. Alcohol Licensing Staff Training

  9. Reputation Management Workshop – Acing Customer Services Training

  10. PROPER (Proactive & Personalised) Performance Development Programme (Front Office, Food and Beverage, Reservations, Meetings & Events Upselling Training Programmes)

  11. Business Presentations Techniques Workshop

  12. Public Speaking Workshop


Please visit the "Training Courses" tab for more details.

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