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Four Pillars of Hotel Marketing

Simple infographic on Hotel Marketing Strategy in four steps;


Making potential guests aware of the brand through;

· Traditional advertising

· Digital Marketing

· Word of mouth / reviews


Through revenue management combined with the above. The hotel captures guests at the;

· Right time

· Right place

· And at the right price


Convert the guest using the hotel’s unique selling points (USPs) and ensuring;

· Emotional impact

· Perceived value – the “best deal”

· An easy path to booking


Exceed guest expectations and ensure sharing on review sites to amplify the hotel’s messaging

· Encourage social sharing

· Provide avenues to facilitate recommendations by brand advocates

Hospitality Code Business Management and Consultancy provide hotel owners, management companies and investors with professional strategic management services, creating a value-adding customisation of deployment including total revenue, operations, reputation and financial management solutions as well as training, consulting, pre-opening, redevelopment and renovation services for hotels, restaurants and high-end residential units.

Please feel free to contact us to get advice, assess your property needs and help to optimise the usage of the hotel's physical and human assets to achieve superior standards of service and deliver maximum value to owners and investors within agreed profit objectives. You can reach us either Contact tab on my website or via email directly on to arrange a private chat.

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